Wedding Inspiration

Hello there! As we all know, planning a wedding can be incredibly daunting. There is a plethora of elements to consider; the dress, the venue, the guest list and so on. This blog post will, of course, focus on another important aspect of the wedding ceremony- the flowers. Needless to stay, there are endless options […]

Flower for Thought: Flowers and Mental Health

Hello there! In honour of World Mental Health day (Sunday October 2021), I wanted to touch briefly on the positive impacts that flowers can have on one’s mood and in turn, one’s mental health. There is a reason why flowers are one of the principle focus points when planning a wedding- they are visually appealing […]

Wedding planning and Corona

Dearest friends, AKA my dearest clients, It’s a day after Valentine, and true to form, the email notifications have been buzzing all day. Huge congratulations to you all!! Times have changed, but love is love, not even a pandemic can change it. 2020 is gone, and I’m trying to stay positive for you and for […]

Flowers and Instagram

Flowers and Instagram You’re probably aware of the current controversy regarding the use of filters and Photoshop to alter the appearance of images posted on Instagram and other social media sites. Kim Kardashian would immediately spring to mind, but she’s not the only culprit. Unfortunately, when used to change the appearance of oneself has been […]

A day in the life of a florist

The beauty of my job is that every single day is different from the next one. And, contrarily of what’s believed, it doesn’t involve flowers a hundred percent of the time… The day starts early… I love lifting the studio’s shutter and peaking through the door to see the boxes of flowers that arrived during […]

Making an entrance – Monday’s musings

Every single bride (and some of the grooms..) is looking for the WOW factor – the wedding flowers, strategically placed and designed do exactly that. And where better to position them that at the entrance of your church or venue, the exact spot that will be the first thing that your wedding guests see when […]

Floral weekends…Monday’s musings

Unsurprisingly, weekend days tend to be the most popular when choosing wedding dates, so for an event floral designer (that’s me!) Fridays and Saturdays (and more recently Sundays as well!!) tend to be busy-busy-busy days. And very long! I’m not complaining – I absolutely love what I do, working with flowers and beautiful people, visiting stunning […]

Ceremony flowers… Monday’s musings

I might be biased, but a wedding ceremony without flowers is like bread without the butter, coffee without milk or strawberries without cream (you get the idea..). Flowers can transform a place. Whether you can married in the most ornate church, a minimalistic urban space or underneath the favourite oak tree, the flowers will personalise […]

Bride’s bouquet..Monday’s musings

Let’s talk flowers.. It is indeed a treat to be sitting down after a weekend full of weddings. It can get quite physical! With Sundays weddings becoming quite a norm nowadays, my weekend marathon is becoming an ultramarathon, so Mondays are my new Sundays…bar the fact that it’s still an early rise due to Dutch […]

How’s it hanging?

I am very proud to introduce our guest blogger, Eliza,  our very bright 16 year old intern. A beautifully researched and written blog post, well done Eliza!! ‘How’s it hanging?’ What comes to your mind when you think of hanging flowers? Strange, right? However, this fresh take on wedding flowers can transform your special day […]