Flowers, fruit and vegetables

Fruit and flower arrangements are like Marmite: you either love them or hate them! I love using fruit and vegetables into my floral arrangements; these add variety, texture, shape, contrast and interest to the design.

Location, location, location

The Austen Flowers Events & Flower School in Wicklow town is located on the beautiful South Quay, a short walk from the famous Stone Bridge over the Leitrim River.

Carnations – less is more

Carnations are back, they are reliable, long-lived and sport an amazing array of colours. But, remember to use carnations en masse and exclusively for chic results.

Christmas floral gifts

Giving flowers at Christmas time will bring happiness. A single stem or a huge bouquet of flowers will say Thank you', 'I appreciate your work' or 'Happy Christmas'. The Austen Flowers Christmas Catalogue will give you some ideas.

Gloriosa – Christmas red with a difference

Austen Flowers loves Gloriosa on its own and in large flower arrangements. We favour it all year round, and more so at Christmas time as Gloriosa is long-lasting, inexpensive and gives you the WOW factor you expect in the festive season.Gloriosa is also a magnificient climber that grows wonderfully in a conservatory.