Stylish flower arranging containers

I am often told that my containers ‘are so different’.. Here’s my secret.. I absolutely adore tree bark!! Take an unsightly plastic pot, temporarily secure two pieces of bark with an elastic band and tie a pretty ribbon or lace in a bow. Voilà!!! Extremely popular for the fashionable natural & relaxed wedding flowers and […]

Wedding flowers as simple as one, two, three

Okay, I admit, there are couple more steps, but it’s all not that complicated.. I often have brides commenting ‘you make the whole process so perfectly easy ‘ – and it’s as simple as that – trust me, I’m a florist!! Or a wedding floral designer, but that’s a whole new story!! I absolutely love […]

Red poppies

Every now and then the florists get to have a bit of fun.. These beautiful red poppies brought me and the lucky recipient a smile and a happy feel.. I know I said it before, but less is sometimes more… x

Barking mad

As in… we just love our new vessels and designs involving dried pieces of bark, expertly wrapped around cheap glassware, to create some funky vases for our corporate clients and some pretty trendy brides.. And, if you want to try it yourself (DIY wedding being a huge trend this year), here’s what you do: take […]

Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day will be here before you can say “Be Mine!” A lot of couples get engaged on Valentine’s Day – some ten percent of engagements are made on Valentine’s Day. So many couples are waiting for February 14th with great expectation this year. Whether its your very first Valentine’s Day as a couple or […]

A new hobby or even a career change…

It’s January. It’s cold and dark, but it’s the beginning of a new year and you’re looking at exciting new things to do or learn this year. Perhaps, a new skill that brightens your house and your friends’ faces, a new hobby that will entice you to explore nature, will push your creative boundaries and […]