What’s on in the wedding flowers world…

(Source) Your wedding plans are all but finalised.  You are doing everything in your power to make your wedding truly your own special occasion.  In your book it is not good enough to simply imitate someone else’s bridal ideas; your special day has to be just that, truly unique and your own.  The flowers are […]

A beautiful wedding bouquet, go figure!

Picking a bridal bouquet is one of the must important tasks for any bride to be. Not only does the right bouquet make a great accesory, but it also enhances your silhouette, ensuring you look sensational as you walk down the aisle.

“Exploded Flowers”

'Flowers are indeed one of the most beautiful and complex structures found in nature, specifically designed to achieve the purpose of reproduction.'

Scents and Sensibility

Few elements of the wedding ritual are as ubiquitous as the bouquet; for as long as there have been weddings, brides have had flowers...

What’s my name?

Is it a flower, is it your name..I've always loved working with flowers and now I'm lucky enough to create floral arrangements every day..

A white fairytale wedding

I loved working with Marisa to plan the beautiful flowers for her and Hendrik’s wedding at Summerhillhouse Hotel. Marisa’s heart was set on Gardenia flowers as this is her mother’s favourite flower. We mixed fragrant Gardenias with lush roses and textured hydrangeas. We achieved a look that was totally chic and unique and all of […]

Herbs and flower party!

Austen flowers studio held a delightful, fun-filled evening of floral arranging last Thursday evening with a group of lovely ladies out celebrating a Birthday party in Wicklow.

Summer flowers: Hydrangeas

There is no secret that we love hydrangeas at Austen Flowers.  Although considered a summer bloom, it is available from early May until as late as mid November sometimes. The blooms are used in wedding bouquets and everyday arrangements. Hydrangeas are beautiful all by themselves, or mixed together with other types of flowers. The name […]