Going Green

Hello! I wanted to touch briefly on the impact of foliage, be it in your bridal bouquet or in your centre-piece, it plays a key role in the look you would like to achieve with your flowers. Foliage can indeed elevate the focal points of a bouquet or an installation as it adds different textures […]

Wedding Inspiration

Hello there! As we all know, planning a wedding can be incredibly daunting. There is a plethora of elements to consider; the dress, the venue, the guest list and so on. This blog post will, of course, focus on another important aspect of the wedding ceremony- the flowers. Needless to stay, there are endless options […]

Flowers and Instagram

Flowers and Instagram You’re probably aware of the current controversy regarding the use of filters and Photoshop to alter the appearance of images posted on Instagram and other social media sites. Kim Kardashian would immediately spring to mind, but she’s not the only culprit. Unfortunately, when used to change the appearance of oneself has been […]

What’s on in the wedding flowers world…

(Source) Your wedding plans are all but finalised.  You are doing everything in your power to make your wedding truly your own special occasion.  In your book it is not good enough to simply imitate someone else’s bridal ideas; your special day has to be just that, truly unique and your own.  The flowers are […]

A white fairytale wedding

I loved working with Marisa to plan the beautiful flowers for her and Hendrik’s wedding at Summerhillhouse Hotel. Marisa’s heart was set on Gardenia flowers as this is her mother’s favourite flower. We mixed fragrant Gardenias with lush roses and textured hydrangeas. We achieved a look that was totally chic and unique and all of […]