‘Love you to the moon and back’: Moongate wedding inspiration 

Perhaps one of my favourite floral features to design is the moongate. The idea of the moongate originates from China and it is believed that it brings good fortune…. and doesn’t everyone want that on their wedding day! 

Part of the appeal of the moongate (other than its striking beauty of course) is its versatility. You can choose from an array of flowers, foliage and colours and the feature will still make an impact on your wedding venue. 

The circular shape of the moongate draws the wedding guests’ attention to the focal point of the wedding, the bride and groom, while softening the room with naturalistic foliage and flowers. 

Other than the aesthetic appeal, it is worth mentioning the cost-efficiency of the moongate (something that is typically at the forefront of wedding planning!). You can see this at a recent wedding held at Trudder lodge, where we repurposed the moongate for the reception room. This tied in with the rest of wedding flowers at the venue beautifully and kept the ceremony itself at the heart of the reception. 

There is something quite symbolic about this wedding feature, reflecting the wedding ring and everlasting love, it is definitely something to consider on your search for wedding inspiration. 

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Photography by Siobhan Byrne @sbyrnephoto