Home is where the heart is: Wedding Party inspiration made with Wicklow flowers 

Picture this. A mid-August wedding. The sun is beaming. The atmosphere relaxed as we relish the last of the Irish summer. If one was looking for the perfect wedding flowers to encapsulate this energy, I would definitely use this Brooklodge wedding as an example. 

Incorporating a variety of colours and flowers (see cover image) the bridal party flowers give a more wild appearance, as if romantically plucked from a meadow pre-vows. This idea is particularly effective as the flowers are locally grown. This is both sustainable and in keeping with the wildflower effect.

Of course, we must mention the star of the show -the bride’s furry friend and her floral collar (see below). Absolutely rocking (just look at her!) flowers with a similar colour palette, she is the embodiment of frolicking in a summer meadow. 

Varied textures and colours bring a more elevated, elegant look. Definitely worth considering if you are looking for something unique for your wedding flowers! 

For more photos see my instagram @austenflowers 

Wedding photography by @anirishlovestory