Two in one: Versatile and sustainable wedding inspiration

As I have mentioned in my previous blogs wedding planning can be a lengthy (but exciting) process. When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, they should complement your style and enhance the atmosphere of your ceremony. While it might not be an easy decision (to begin with) there should be a sense of effortlessness blossoming from your wedding flowers (excuse the pun!). Allow me to demonstrate this with a recent wedding at Brooklodge.

The bride and groom  opted for an outdoor wedding by the beautiful brooke. As pictured below, the deconstructed arch adorned with white roses and baby’s breath fit harmoniously into the romantic atmosphere of the setting and softened the surroundings. The pew ends followed a similar colour palette and tied together well with the table arrangement. 

Given that the pew ends were placed in jars, they were easily transferred to the reception room and offered a softer floral contrast to the delicate ivy wall hangings. The deconstructed arch was also transferred to the entrance of the reception room. The versatility of this floral design allowed the bride and groom to not only maximise their gorgeous flowers but also create a seamless, sustainable approach to their ceremony. 

Your wedding day is, of course, one of the most spectacular days of your life. It is important, however, to think realistically about how you approach your wedding flowers. Versatility will simplify the planning process and it is worthy of consideration from a financial and sustainable point of view. 

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