Wedding Flowers from a distance: A September Wedding in Kilruddery planned over lockdown

As we are all aware, wedding planning can be a complicated process (keeping in mind the fruitful results! ) However, this was even more so the case during lockdown. Fortunately, in terms of wedding flowers, with the right attitude and communication- anything is possible! 

This was the case for Kaitlyn and Nick, a couple from Chicago who planned their beautiful wedding at Kilruddery during lockdown. Luckily for me, Kaitlyn was keen to have lots of variety in her bridal bouquet and was very understanding that peonies (her favourite flower) were out of season for September! This allowed room for plenty of creativity with regards to her wedding party flowers within her desired colour scheme. Kaitlyn opted for neutral tones interlaced with green and soft pinks – a classic combination which complemented the idyllic Kilruddery venue. 

Wicklow grown scented eucalyptus, white campanula roses and avalanche roses amongst other flowers featured in the arrangements which heightened the romantic atmosphere at Kilruddery. Furthermore, the bride’s dress (which she made herself) looked absolutely stunning alongside her bridal bouquet. 

A true fairytale wedding which demonstrated that anything is possible in this digital age. A collaboration of open-mindedness and creative flair allowed us to bring Kaitlyn’s wedding flower inspiration to life. Communication is absolutely key!

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Photography by @seandkate