Wedding flowers – Trends 2015

In case you were wondering what are the wedding flowers trends for 2015…

We are in full swing of summer weddings consultations, design and (believe it or not) preparations. Every week I meet exited brides to be, eager to start adding the last flourish to their wedding day plans. And the first question is: what are the trends in the flower world this year? Funnily enough, I was asked the same question in the winter editorial of Confetti Magazine. And here’s what I said..

1. What’s new in wedding floral design for 2015?

Well, I think that there is a definite move away from structured bridal bouquets to a more relaxed look, the so called ‘just picked bouquets’ – imagine a last minute dash to your cottage garden and gathering a bunch of scented blooms, aromatic herbs and leafy greens, casually binding them with some twine or pure white ribbon.

And for sure, trailing or cascading bouquets will feature in all the stylish weddings of 2015 – the same relaxed bouquet of wildflowers & cottage blooms with passionflower, clematis vines and my personal favourite, long trails of Jasmine, for the ultimate romantic touch for our wedding flowers in Wicklow.
2. Your ultimate top tip for choosing wedding flowers:

I have three tips! Dare to be different, challenge the creative boundaries of your floral designer and trust your instinct & the expertise of your chosen florist.

On a more pragmatic note, start with your dress – your bouquet is one of your bridal accessories, so naturally the size, style & chosen flowers have to complement your dress. The rest of the florals of your wedding day stem from your bouquet. That’s why I always ask to see a photo of the wedding day dress as it gives me an idea about the bride’s personal style and this helps to inspire me to create her special event.
3. What’s your favourite flower variety?
It depends on the time of the year: lily of the valley in the spring, peonies in the summer, dahlias in the autumn and Eucharis in the winter. I absolutely adore the peonies though. Everything about the peony expresses romance and timeless chic: their sweet scent, stunning colour palette, delicate petals and wonderful luscious foliage.

4. Your favourite thing about your job/working with brides etc:

I love the fact that no two weddings alike, which allows me to express my creativity each time. Working with the bride and designing the flowers for her wedding day is such a personal thing; I feel that there are should be no set formulas & the flowers are as unique as the person.

I am passionate about creating designs that exceed the bride’s expectation. The best part of the wedding day (for me) is when I hand the bouquet to the bride and her face lights up with a big smile (and, sometimes, a tear of happiness): “It’s more beautiful than I imagined it”
P.S. That’s also the moment when I start breathing again!

5. A brief anecdote from a wedding you’ve worked on or a funny story?

It was actually a summer 2014 wedding: everything was running smoothly, I was delivering the flowers to a stunning venue in the Wicklow Mountains, following, relaxed, my ever-reliable Sat-Nav’s directions, only to be told that “I have reached my destination” in the middle of a large expanse of heather with not a soul in site or a hint of human habitation for that matter. No GPS, no mobile phone signal, and a cross roads with no signage! Then, my sheer delight at seeing a simple ‘our wedding – this way’ arrow further down the road cannot be described!