Flower Crown Focus: Tinakilly House Wedding

In this blog, I would like to particularly focus on the use of the flower crown in a wedding. I did a wedding at Tinakilly House, Co. Wicklow and Darek Novak‘s photography, seen in cover image and below, capture the fairytalesque atmosphere of the occasion.

The flower crown is a versatile accessory as it can be as simple or as extravagant as your heart desires. If you take a look at the cover photo, you can see that the crown adds a pop of colour to the bridal gown, adding some vibrancy to an already elegant outfit. Through use of different textures, we avoid the “blockiness” of a headpiece one might wear to Glastonbury. It is an item that reflects the haven-like atmosphere of a venue like Tinakilly House.

There is something symbolic about the flower crown at a wedding. It represents a full circle, a sense of completeness. If you hope to evoke this idea in a stylish manner, perhaps the flower crown is for you.

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married man and women in tinakilly country house garden
Darek Novak Photography