Wedding Planning: Where do I start?

As a floral designer, much of my work revolves around organizing my time efficiently to produce high quality results. Wedding planning can seem overwhelming but similarly to how I prep my flowers, it is simply a matter of organization. Everyone’s approach is different. Perhaps you take the old-school approach, pen and paper, brainstorm and maybe even some sketches. If you are more tech-savvy, you might be more suited to an app like Pinterest in which you can gather pictures and categorize them in terms of themes, elements etc. Social media, while it is a vice, allows you to gain inspiration from various sources and save it for later. The possibilities are endless.

In terms of flowers, social media (my Instagram is @austenflowers) is perhaps one of the best places to start as it gives a useful visual aid and it is easy to access similar content to fine tune your ideas. Blogs, such as this one also provide useful tips as well as photos and further information. Finally, the classic wedding magazines never fail to give you a nudge in a certain direction (and if you are more of a scrapbook aficionado, this is for you).

It is a question of just starting. Once you start digging, the creative juices will flow and you will be en route towards your dream wedding.

Cover photo: David McNeill