Wild flowers and dried wheat bouquet Glendalough wedding

Flower for Thought: Flowers and Mental Health

Hello there!

In honour of World Mental Health day (Sunday October 2021), I wanted to touch briefly on the positive impacts that flowers can have on one’s mood and in turn, one’s mental health.

There is a reason why flowers are one of the principle focus points when planning a wedding- they are visually appealing and serve as an enhancement of the joy that is felt on such a special day. The same concept applies to  day-to-day life, a pop of colour in the corner of a room will guarantee an elevated mood. Furthermore, if the flower is scented that provides another stimulus in terms of boosting one’s morale.

Flower upkeep, be it refreshing the contents of a vase or simply depetaling some roses, can also provide a sense of focus and inner-peace as we take a couple minutes from a busy day to complete a task such as the ones mentioned above.

So, the evidence indeed speaks for itself, get yourself that bouquet – you deserve it!

Fan shaped wedding flowers with feathers