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Wedding Inspiration

Hello there!

As we all know, planning a wedding can be incredibly daunting. There is a plethora of elements to consider; the dress, the venue, the guest list and so on. This blog post will, of course, focus on another important aspect of the wedding ceremony- the flowers. Needless to stay, there are endless options within this “category”, which can also be overwhelming. No need to fear! Here are some tips that will guide you towards choosing the flowers for you fairytale wedding.

  1. Social Media: We use it daily, it is easily accessible and easy to use. Both my  Instagram and Facebook pages are @austenflowers and they provide an insight into my previous work.
  2. Film/tv: Has a celebrity wedding caught your eye? Perhaps you would like a bouquet inspired by a wedding in your favourite film? You are not limited to social media/wedding magazines!
  3. Your surroundings: Are there colours, patterns, shapes that have caught your eye? Have you seen a work of art that has moved you? We are constantly surrounded by inspiration, we just have to look for it. For example, I recently spotted a floral installation in Le Marais in Paris. Could that serve as a foundation for a bouquet, centre-piece, etc. ? Absolutely!


I hope that has encouraged you to think outside the box and take that one step closer to your dream wedding! Come to the consultation with your ideas and there will definitely be something for you!



Photo credit: Adam and Grace Photo