Wedding flowers as simple as one, two, three

Okay, I admit, there are couple more steps, but it’s all not that complicated..
I often have brides commenting ‘you make the whole process so perfectly easy ‘ – and it’s as simple as that – trust me, I’m a florist!! Or a wedding floral designer, but that’s a whole new story!!
I absolutely love weddings, and I’m heavily involved in every step of the process: from the initial wedding inquiry, to meeting in person the bride and groom and designing the flowers of their dreams (mostly the bride’s, the grooms are literally dragged in my studio to talk flowers – particularly at the weekend when there are better things to do, say football!!) and finally personally delivering the flowers on their wedding day.
And it’s as simple as that:
ONE – You contact me and arrange a complimentary consultation either in our studio or virtually, via Facebook, email, Skype or…phone
TWO – We go through our extensive photographic portfolio and your Pinterest and /or scrapbook and design the flowers of your dreams. With you! There are no pre-made packages and generic flower formulas here; you get the flowers of your dreams, as unique as you are!
THREE – Relax! The ‘flowers item on the wedding planning list’ is now in our expert hands and you can forget about it.
And on the big day, all you have to do is enjoy your beautiful flowers! Have a wonderful day and a lifetime of happiness together!
Camelia x