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Your wedding plans are all but finalised.  You are doing everything in your power to make your wedding truly your own special occasion.  In your book it is not good enough to simply imitate someone else’s bridal ideas; your special day has to be just that, truly unique and your own.  The flowers are very important on your wedding day; they can make it unique.

Flower trends and fashions change just like other fashions such as clothing and furniture.  So, what is hot in the world of floristry in 2012?  Floral design is being led by high-fashion with pastelle colours being on trend.  Flowers that tie-in with this trend are old-fashioned David Austin roses, and other vintage roses such us our old favourite ‘Memory Lane’ rose; dreamily scented stocks, divine peony roses in many shades of luscious pink, elegant eustomas and agapanthus;  clematis flowers, understated astrantias, delicate muscari and paperwhites, ranunculus and hydrangeas. The beauty of these flowers is that they also work well with the trend towards vintage and the lacy look that is very much en vogue.

The vintage look harks back to an era before strong colours became the norm, as-in previous decades and is perhaps more in tune with our natural instincts towards soft tones and colours that are inspired by nature and wildflowers.  It echoes  a slower, countrified era that predates our modern fast-paced way of life.  And,  perhaps, that is suitable when your wedding day is to be different, personal and outside your normal routine.  Your floral designer will be pleased to discuss these tastes with you and work up a suitable look that will personalise your special day. So, when you think about your wedding bouquet, this is your chance to stamp your personality and style on to your wedding.  Challenge your floral designer to make something different and unforgettable.

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