Beautiful wedding flower crowns tutorial

The flower bridal crowns or headbands was a huge trend last year, and I can tell you that, judging by the weddings we’ve booked already, it will be a great favourite this year!
It’s cold out there and you are frantically planning your summer wedding; you’re thinking of designing your own flower crowns for yourself, your bridesmaids and the cute flowergirls…Plenty of time to practice…Where to start is the question… Well, I have the easiest tutorial for you! There are a few steps to follow, and it looks more complicated than it is..

Step 1: Involve your cat! Just joking!! Choose your flowers to suit your colour scheme; make sure you have different sizes and textures to give it a soft, natural feel. It is very important that your flowers are well conditioned (ie well hydrated) before you start!!

Flower headband DIY ingredients

We picked lisianthus flowers and buds, sedum and dark green ruscus. You will also need the fine ‘rose wire’, some green florist wire and tape.

Step 2: Wire and tape all your flowers and foliage

Prepare the flowers

Step 3:  Measure your head and cut the wires to size. Tape the wires and make to small hooks at each end.

Headband wire template

Step 4: Arrange the flowers in the order you will be taping them – this step alows you to distribute the flowers evenly..

Flower order on the wire

Step 5: Start taping the wired flowers. Not too tightly together and always facing outwards..

NB Practice makes it better.. don’t beat yourself up if the first attempt is not your dream flower crown!

Tape the flowers

Scented flowers

I found some lavender and could not resist the temptation to using it at the last minute.

Flower headbad

And here it is, beautifully presented by my flowergirl, Eliza. Bonne chance!

Flower crown
Flower crown