Top table hanging green canopy

How’s it hanging?

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‘How’s it hanging?’
What comes to your mind when you think of hanging flowers? Strange, right? However, this fresh take on wedding flowers can transform your special day into a completely magical moment.

Suspended wedding flowers

The main aspect of hanging arrangements that leaps out at me is that they give somewhat dull objects or even rooms a new perspective. Of course, beautiful bouquets and arrangements will add elegance to a wedding but hanging arrangements can impact the entire room.

Wedding chandelier

Rathsallagh wedding flowers

They are a breath of fresh of fair swooping from each angle creating a sense of being in a fairy-tale. In addition, while a grand array of foliage clinging to the ceiling is striking, it is not essential.

Marquee hanging flowers

Even hints of this romantic design can be captivating wherever they may be placed. As seen below, the foliage gives the guest list an eye-catching flair, completely altering one’s view of the otherwise simple décor.

Foliage and flowers wedding garland

Without doubt, the design is versatile, meaning it can be altercated to your heart desires. Whether it is a dreamy embellishment on a bridge or even a magnificent hanging centrepiece, the romantic atmosphere is certainly present.

Top table hanging green canopy

Unless edgy is what you’re going for, which is possible!

Showering roses

Isn’t there something enthralling about it? I suppose it reminds of the natural beauty seen in an enchanting forest, like the bright bluebells poking through the ferns. There is a flow, and that is why the floral waterfall, as I like to call it, warms your heart.

Ceiling wedding flowers

Something about looking up and seeing the hanging flowers brings a smile to your face. I think it links in with the bride also. What with the bride’s beauty and perhaps she is wearing a delicate veil? It is a unique form of floral design that adds flair to the wedding.

Woodland canopy reception


Hope this was helpful and inspiring! You can make your wedding a dream come true, with the right flowers!