Castle hall wedding flowers

Ceremony flowers… Monday’s musings

I might be biased, but a wedding ceremony without flowers is like bread without the butter, coffee without milk or strawberries without cream (you get the idea..).

Flowers can transform a place. Whether you can married in the most ornate church, a minimalistic urban space or underneath the favourite oak tree, the flowers will personalise the space for you and your wedding.

There are many style variations, but also in terms of placements, volume, contrasts. Your floral designer will be able to advise you what flowers and type of arrangement will be right for you and your wedding. From my experience, no two weddings are alike – I am indeed very fortunate to design and create unique that both challenge and stimulate my artistic licence.. For would it not be rather dull to churn out the same designs day in and day out? As two brides are not alike, I only love it when my prospective clients come in with new ideas and whish lists that will make their wedding ‘different’.

You might have gathered that:

a. I’m not a person of too many words


b. English is not my first language..

so, without a further ado I will give you a flavour of what your wedding COULD look like with the addition of a flower or two…

Castle hall wedding flowers

{Birr Castle / white hall wedding ceremony}

Ceremony pedestal flowers

{Ashford / pastel domed backdrop}

Outdoor wedding teepee

{Ashley Park House / outdoor ceremony tepee/ it’s not all about the flowers either}

Wicklow wedding

{Avoca/wild flowers wedding}

Church wedding flowers

{Avoca church aisle flowers/hanging jam-jars}

Bridge flowers

{Brooklodge – flowers over the brook}

Unity candle arrangement

{ Kinnity Castle ceremony flowers}

White weding flowers

{St. Mary’s Enniskerry Church wedding}