How to achieve your dream wedding venue

As we are all aware, one must consider many elements in order to create their dream wedding. Think of it as a (wedding) cake, each ingredient plays a fundamental role in achieving the ultimate result. However, the ingredients compliment each other, they are put together for a reason. So, like cherry and chocolate, your wedding flowers and your wedding venue go hand in hand.

I recently did a wedding at Kilruddery (see cover photo and below), a classically romantic venue, thus the classic whites and greens with a touch of baby’s breath captured the essence of this event perfectly. Notice how the silhouette of the arch mimics the composition of the sculpture. Each element is intertwined and serve as an enhancement of one another.

The question is ultimately, the effect you wish to achieve with your wedding venue. A cosy winter wedding venue would perhaps be more suited to deeper reds and winter foliage such as holly leaves. Think cake, the layers and the ingredients are there to compliment each other and of course, to compliment you on your special day.