Location, location, location

As the aphorism goes: when it comes to property, location is everything!

However, in this sentence, we would like to precede or even replace the word “property” with the words “floral design”, as since opening our new studio on the beautiful South Quay in Wicklow town earlier this month, we have found ourselves agreeing more and more with the following statement: “when it comes floral design, location is everything!”

Austen Flowers Floral Design Studio Flower School South Quay Wicklow town
View from Austen Flowers Studio along the South Quay Wicklow town towards the Stone Bridge

Through our window one can see the famous Stone Bridge of Wicklow, pretty fishing boats floating on the Leitrim River and hear the sound of the seagulls reminding us that nature is close by.

We find this harmonious setting provides fuel for a creative mind and we are delighted to be able to share this with visitors to the studio and those participating in our floral design classes.