Ranunculus is the scientific name of the buttercup, the beloved field flower of my childhood. The genus Ranunculus is part of Ranunculaceae family whose other members include Clematis, Helleborus, Pulsatilla and Anemone. (Source) In floristry the Persian buttercup (Ranunculus asiaticus) is by far the most important species and is the parent of innumerable forms used …

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Valentine flowers

Valentine’s Day will be here before you can say “Be Mine!” A lot of couples get engaged on Valentine’s Day; according to a recent survey, some ten percent of engagements are made on Valentine’s day. (Source: Diamond Information Center). So many couples are waiting for February 14th , Valentine’s Day 2012 with great expectation this year.  …

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“Exploded Flowers”

‘Flowers are indeed one of the most beautiful and complex structures found in nature, specifically designed to achieve the purpose of reproduction.’

What’s my name?

Is it a flower, is it your name..I’ve always loved working with flowers and now I’m lucky enough to create floral arrangements every day..

Summer flowers: Hydrangeas

There is no secret that we love hydrangeas at Austen Flowers.  Although considered a summer bloom, it is available from early May until as late as mid November sometimes. The blooms are used in wedding bouquets and everyday arrangements. Hydrangeas are beautiful all by themselves, or mixed together with other types of flowers. The name …

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Flowers, fruit and vegetables

Fruit and flower arrangements are like Marmite: you either love them or hate them! I love using fruit and vegetables into my floral arrangements; these add variety, texture, shape, contrast and interest to the design.

Location, location, location

The Austen Flowers Events & Flower School in Wicklow town is located on the beautiful South Quay, a short walk from the famous Stone Bridge over the Leitrim River.

New Year’s Concert of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

New Year’s concert of Vienna Philarmonic Orchestra is a magical spectacle of sound and beauty – the majestic hall is decorated with more than 30,000 flowers. For more than 25 years the flowers are a gift from the city of Ran Remo, Italy.

Gloriosa – Christmas red with a difference

Austen Flowers loves Gloriosa on its own and in large flower arrangements. We favour it all year round, and more so at Christmas time as Gloriosa is long-lasting, inexpensive and gives you the WOW factor you expect in the festive season.Gloriosa is also a magnificient climber that grows wonderfully in a conservatory.